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  • Thank You for your visit to SnyderWebs. I am Lance Snyder, owner of SnyderWebs. 

  • We offer affordable web sites for small businesses and community groups. SnyderWebs is located in Gallatin, TN. We pioneered some of the first local websites for our community by offering free websites to Gallatin Area Churches.

  • SnyderWebs has been helping local industry for over 25 years. We can provide training on office software, web design, web customization, web consultation, industrial software design and more.

  • We have two certified CIW web designers on staff.

  • Ginger, has 6 years of web design experience and other software/computer hardware experience as well. She has a BA in Business and Computer Science. She also has webmastered for some high-profile country music artists.

  • I have a BS degree in Electronic Engineering and CIW certification in Internet Web design. I have been designing and hosting websites for over 9 years. Here are some of the items accomplished :

    • Designed interactive Intranet design for Corporate website to display machine status on their company's website.  Interfacing the shop floor machines to the local web for easy access and data collection updates.

    • Over 25 years of experience in industry related electronics design and software interfacing. For the past 15 years I have been programming industrial PLCs and Windows PCs using Wonderware's InTouch software for HMI (Human-Machine Interfacing).

    • Launched projects in the printing industry, commercial baking industry and OEM design/programming for medical gas transfilling industry. 

    • We offer inexpensive training to local businesses for a very competitive cost as well as computer consultation regarding computers and networks.


Lance E. Snyder



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